Apple choose screen feature touch and Face ID in the Mac

Confirmed new report on the start test screen featured with multi-touch and the Face ID to the face in the Apple coming from a Mac.


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I started the company Apple in the test some of the new specifications in the hardware MAC MacBook Cairo, where he pointed out a new report that face recognition technology to support touch in the screen are some of the specifications that are instead at the current time on the hardware.

Has provided the face recognition technology Face ID from Apple in the iPad over the past year, supporting the user in the registration to login and unlock the device by scanning the user’s face, a technique that would like Apple to produce it also for Mac next.

It is expected that the coming facial recognition technology in the devices Mac experience more effective in the slot machine as an alternative to see the fingerprint or register the password to unlock the device.

The company noted Apple in earlier statements to its plans to bring touch-screen devices running macOS, so according to this report, it seems that Apple already started to experience the efficiency and effectiveness of touch screens in new devices already devices, MacBook and PCs.

Also came in earlier statements of Apple that they plan to support iOS apps on Mac devices through a new update of the operating system, macOS, which confirms the start of development of new devices with touch screen didn’t require some applications of the control and management of the app to scroll text on the screen.

As stated the new report on the mentioned headset, Apple AirPods 2, where the report confirms that the new version comes with the same design of the previous version of Sky, which, unlike recently published in an earlier report that Apple offered a new design for the sky, on the other hand, the report emphasized on the launch of the sky with my black-and-white this year.

The report also noted that the change will have on the headset AirPods 2 this year in the composition of the sky interior, which comes this year with more sensors, where it is expected to come to one of the sensors to track the status of the user’s health.

Also will vary the capacity of the battery in the headset AirPods 2, except that the portfolio come this year by the smaller size of the battery, as indicated by the expectations that the headset AirPods 2 launched at a price of $ 200 this year.

The report also emphasized that the base shipping AirPower comes with a thickness greater design for the first prototype, to be available at a price of $ 150, but it will be compatible with devices running iOS 13 and above only.


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