Apple choose the general more problems update iOS 12.1.2

Apple choose the general more problems update iOS 12.1.2

Last week we wrote you about the problem of counting the cut off calls due to weak network connection in the phones days after the last update iOS 12.1.2 which was sent to phones compatible.

Before I send Apple a cure for this problem, here are the various reports open bow again and add another problem to the same event, namely the problem of the difficulty of connecting to Wi-Fi.

A new problem began to appear widely during the last hours, and model variety for the faith of the update.

Apple choose the general more problems update iOS 12.1.2

The report says disable Wi-Fi connection and change the Settings from voice and data to data only may help in solving the problem . If your faith to your lost Wi-Fi after last update, it doesn’t hurt to try it.

Or you can wait until you send Apple official update to end these problems .


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    Materialistic Is just another label, Among quite a few, that a Chinese, Chinese women specially, Now keep as with most stereotypes, There are always exceptions and, most often, The exceptions outnumber individuals fit the stereotype continue to, When certain stereotypes last, They do so for reasons

    For expats in China who may be feeling unhappy by the westernization of the Chinese people, and in particular their increased westernized consumer attitudes, They must not also forget that simplification do not apply to all there is certainly materialistic Chinese women, And you may still find those who are not, Just because there are Chinese ladies who are more modern than traditional and there are those who still uphold traditional Chinese values Materialism may be a growing trend among the public; But it is not the only trend that exists this post about Are modern Chinese women gold diggers? May help you look at this issue in a different light

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