Apple choose to allow deletion of the voice commands registered

Started Apple testing new possibilities in the field of privacy will allow the user to stop voice assistant Siri needs voice command to improve the accuracy of its results.

Appeared the new test in the latest version of the operating systems of its smart iPad iPhone iOS 13.2 and even the TV and the Mac being the whole support Siri.

And when you go to Settings – Privacy there will be an option to delete the log recordings and voice commands stored by Seri for use in the improvement of his work.

She had thought the Apple TV they have collaborated with people from outside the company to listen to the clips recorded by the assistant Siri in order to improve the quality of the results, and promised to entrust this task to their employees instead of contractors and the number of sections that use them.

And were Apple to present a sharp criticism because of these perceptions, especially as it didn’t know the user that some of what he says to Siri may listen to external observers preached to his report.

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