Apple choose to use OLED screens tray in the iPhone next year

Arrived company the Apple TV to the final stages of ratification of the comprehensive advanced set (me or Ae Technology Group) BOE Technology Group, China’s leading in the area of the screen; to be used in devices for iPhone scheduled in next year, where you fight the giant American technology to reduce costs, and reduce its dependence on its rival Korean Samsung, according to a report published by the newspaper (The Nikkei are Review) Nikkei Asian Review today, Wednesday.

The newspaper (The Nikkei are review) of sources that Apple “differ strongly” monitors (old) OLED flexible produced by the BOE, which increases the likelihood that you can Apple get the technical screens developed these from China for the first time. The newspaper’s sources said: if Apple will decide by the end of the current year whether they will take from the BOE resource for iPhone.

The newspaper pointed out that the entry BOE to supply chains one of the most smart phones in the world will be a leap forward for the tea industry of China, which received billions of dollars of government support and over the past decade.

It is also expected that there is a market OLED screens rapidly in the near future, rising from $ 25.5 million last year to more than $ 30 million this year, according to research firm IDTechEx.

Referred to as the OLED screens developed using an electric current going through pages of thin organic material to generate light, so they consume less energy compared to LCD the traditional. Also enjoy these screens provide a contrast color better, in addition to the possibility of manufacturing phones thinner, and folding screens, can be used in electronic devices wearable.

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As for Apple they are considered at the present time on OLED screens produced by Samsung, its rival in the smartphone market dominated by the Korean company on the market monitors of a share in excess of 90%, followed by compatriot LG.

It is believed that the entry BOE supplier of screens of the OLED may threaten the position of Samsung in the market screens, and Apple more bargaining power to gain price reductions from suppliers Korean. This; and provides the company the BOE – which started in the production of OLED screens flexible late 2017 – these screens already to her compatriot Huawei in her smart phone rollaway (dead X) Mate X, which competes with Samsung phone rollaway: (Galaxy Fuld) Galaxy Fold.

However, the company still BOE subject to strict potential of the United States by providing American companies, such as: (Corning) Corning, and(e) M3, and(Applied Materials focus) Applied Materials materials and equipment necessary to manufacture those screens. So; any attempt by the United States to clamp down on supplies to the BOE – as Washington did with the Huawei – can harm the company severely.

The newspaper (The Nikkei are Review) from their sources that Apple intends to launch at least the iPhone screen OLED in 2020, as the company is considering the American use of OLED screens in all phones for iPhone scheduled to launch in the month of September 2020, said the three people told the newspaper.

According to sources of the newspaper also, the Apple think in the beginning the use of OLED screens from a Chinese company for maintenance purposes, in addition to its use in the older version of the iPhone.

The OLED screen is the most expensive among the components of the iPhone, accounting for $ 110, or approximately 30% of the total price of $ 370.25 USD industry phone (iPhone 10) – the first of the iPhone screen OLED – according to company (I. H. S. Marquette) IHS Markit. Then the price of tea to $ 120 in phone (for iPhone s Max) because it is the largest. And company OLED display this screen at a price lower by 20% compared with the Samsung, as quoted newspaper (Nikkei again review).

It should be noted that Apple’s use of LED screens of OLED since 2017 for use in personal computers of the series (MacBook), in computers (iPad) tablets.

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