Apple claims that Epic Games wants a "special deal" for Fortnite, but…

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Apple and Epic Games are currently fighting a fierce legal battle that could change the way Apple's App Store operates in a somewhat drastic way. Epic Games' position is that it is fighting for the rights of other developers to create apps without Apple taking a large percentage of the proceeds from those apps and games, but Apple argues otherwise.

Before that, Apple says, Epic Games had already contacted the company and asked for a "special treatment". According to Apple's Senior Vice President Phil Schiller, “On June 30, 2020, CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney wrote to my colleagues an email requesting a sidekick from Apple that would lead to the creation of a special deal for the company. Only Epic Games would fundamentally change the way Epic Games delivers apps on Apple's iOS platform. ”

However, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney says the opposite. In a tweet he posted to the Twitter network, Tim posted an email that he sent to Apple executives asking Apple to make the Epic Games store available on iOS, which is basically getting a special treatment because there are no other similar stores available. On the Apple Store, he also indicated that he hopes Apple will make this option “equally available” to all iOS developers. This seems to conflict with what Phil Schiller had previously said.

This is an interesting legal battle as some argue that Epic Games should simply follow the rules if they want to use the Apple App Store, while others agree that getting 30 percent of the proceeds is an overkill.


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