Apple closes loophole الـJailBreak in iOS 12.4

الـJailbreak -a-break protection system for iOS – more like a game of cat and mouse between Apple and the developers, and this is where that week is through the discovery of the developers for what allow them access to files and system settings it only once you discover the developers for any loophole to say Apple is closed and therefore adds iOS which made the process of breaking protection of Apple is the inefficient operation of the foundation.

During the previous week the back of Gilbert’s new for iOS 12.4 which is probably the last version before iOS 13 perspective as we mentioned earlier very it becomes available when there’s a loophole in the system allows developers to completion of the iOS in general, which is what has happened with iOS 12.4.

Funny thing here is that this week -and the possibility of its implementation – has emerged because Apple has accidentally open a loophole has closed it in iOS 12.3, which allowed the developers to implement for iOS and easily also great.

Today it’s over, this is where that Apple launched a version 12.4.1 who live close this gap again and thus nullify the effectiveness of the week of course will change the circuit again so that the developers won’t tell Apple you won’t stop to leave some gaps?

Source: SlashGear

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