Apple closes security gaps which are chosen by governments

What irks mobile users is the presence of gaps in the security of the operating system can inventors to record from the device data. Perhaps the best provided by Apple in its products and operating system iOS is the full safety of the data even if it is contrary to the laws of governments.

More recently, stated the spokesman for Apple that they’re on their way to shut down the security hole is the easier road Agency’s legal for your company to break into the privacy of mobile phones.

The company is now planning to upgrade the safety factors for all loading system iOS through imparting updates continuously on the system, which prohibits the trading and transfer of data after 60 minutes of the closure of the adding machine to raise the rate of safety to prevent the implementation of “lightning” which is made through the process of charging the battery of the device.

أبل تغلق الثغرات الأمنية التي تخترقها الحكومات

No longer a separate “lightning” the most dangerous between the Ports of entry to the system and iOS systems, mobile phones in general, due to the after home goalkeeper thinking of the reserve of piracy on the phone’s data in addition to being the only factor, even after stopping work, shutting down the device or the end of charging the battery.

And that’s why Apple has to work on the development of technology to deal with it by adding a property to the password to him via text or even via fingerprint verification.

أبل تغلق الثغرات الأمنية التي تخترقها الحكومات

It is worth mentioning that the legal agencies of the hardware company had been able to previously from the permeation data of cellular phones by this product after connecting the devices to exchange software decrypt advanced to exceed the capacity of its security features for the iPhone.

With the updates associated with the announcement of her soon from Apple, it will be difficult to continue in the process of pulling data after a lapse of more than an hour to connect to port.

This comes after a statement reported by the company “gray shift” specialized in matters of encryption for mobile phones to fund the “grey entity” has been designed by them to serve this purpose successfully, due to the fact that the founder is one of the architects of the security working previously at Apple.

Will result in the closure of security gaps to convert all the Apple products to the black boxes closed can’t break into her privacy, which was not a statement satisfactory to all agencies, law the company and they stated that this is a cover of criminal by WHO deviate from the law, and I these features, even if it was provided for adults it can be an outlet for young people and teenagers who are the largest segment in crimes of the internet.

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