Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is suing YouTube because of cryptocurrency scams

The lawyers of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and another 17 people have filed a lawsuit against YouTube and parent company Google. The latter is accused of inaction regarding broadcasts of cryptocurrency scams, in which disguised celebrities deceive users. They promise to give them a cryptocurrency for the “small contribution”, but in the end simply take their savings. As a result, people lose money and reputation including suffering and the stars.

We will remind, about this scheme of divorce on the eve became known around the world. The fact that it is still not known a hacker hacked into the admin panel Twitter and posted about "the distribution of cryptocurrency" from many accounts of celebrities. Among them, including turned out to be Elon Musk, Kanye West, Joe Biden, bill gates, and many others. Naturally, the sent coins are assigned — in this case, the scammer has received not less than 100 thousand dollars. Read more about the story read in a separate article.

Court against YouTube

According to the announcement of July 22, the law firm Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, Google and its subsidiary YouTube are unable to protect their own users from fake hands bitcoins. In the broadcasts of the attackers appeared well-known personalities, among whom were myself and Steve Wozniak. Of course, none of the celebrities did not participate in the distribution: broadcast, with their participation simply unfair used to deceive gullible cryptoendoliths.

Here is a quote from Steve Wozniak, which lead journalists Cointelegraph.

If YouTube acted quickly to stop [broadcast], we wouldn’t be here. YouTube, like Google, relies on algorithms, and in these cases, the criminals had not required special efforts [to broadcast]. If a crime is committed, you should be able to attract people who can stop him. What man would not ban something like that from?

Стив Возняк Apple

Fake distribution of coins with Steve Wozniak

According to the partner of Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy Joe Cotchett, YouTube for months had allowed the fraudsters to use their own platform and made money selling targeted advertising.

We checked this claim and it turned out to be true. Cryptocurrency scammers do appear in ad units on YouTube, that is, the company gets money from them. How exactly this happens is unknown, because the first video clearly should pass moderation. We encountered several examples of this.

For example, an advertising insert, which offers to participate in the distribution of fake 5000 bitcoins from the co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey. Of course, sending funds to the specified address will result in a loss of funds.

Реклама мошенники YouTube

Advertising cryptomnesia on YouTube

Here is another Scam, this time supposedly from bill gates. Again, this is advertising, that is, the demonstration of this video platform gets the money.

Реклама скам YouTube

Advertising cryptomnesia on YouTube

Recall, this is not the first claim to YouTube is relatively prosperous there is fraud. Earlier the company Ripple Labs, which is the Issuer Aldona XRP, also filed in the court on YouTube. The reason: the attackers used the personality of a CEO brad Garlinghouse for their own enrichment.

Cheating on this platform for a long time really "live" using the personality of the famous billionaires, CEOs and stars. Scammers are not afraid to use any methods — once they even "stole" the canal at the famous Czech blogger, to be there broadcasting.

Джек Дорси YouTube

Another Scam with the Creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey

We believe that the lawsuit will not affect what is happening on the video platform. This fraudulent scheme works for many years — and it still can't stop. Moreover, the scammers are becoming bolder and even today is actively conducting live broadcasts with fake hands.

It is evident that social platforms are simply not able to cope with the situation — otherwise they would have already solved this problem. So in this case it remains only to warn about the principle of operation of the circuit less experienced players in the cryptocurrency industry. And work to defeat scammers.

Avoid any messages about “the distribution of cryptocurrency” on any platform. For reliable information look us in cryptcat. And Yandex Zen, of course.


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