Apple collaborating with VW to make vehicles self-driving

Held Apple and Volkswagen partnership to improve the recent policies of the Van, the T6 Transporter to transfer services to self-driving to the Apple as the New York Times.

The report stated that the partnership with Volkswagen came after negotiations didn’t work out with Mercedes, BMW and after that refused to the last the intervention of Apple to put a touch of design and information collected by the car.

This project is known as Titan and overseen by the Department of motor vehicles of the Apple TV, and was intended initially to manufacture hardware and software for use in self-driving cars, but he turned to focus on transport service close run between Palo Alto area, nose and vote Le Pen which was located where the campus police prior to the opening of the new headquarters of the “Apple park” last year.

The report says the New York Times that the stress of the long team Apple bring out self-driving cars to the streets, despite the fact that they do not have concrete plans of what is to come, which refers to the diminished ambitions of the Titan project. The report also referred to the departure of many employees of the project during the recent years, where it was previously housed 1,000 employees.

Though, can monitor the policies of the Apple self-driving around Palo Alto. The company also owns a fleet of Cars, self -private, multi-purpose – registered with the Department of motor vehicles in California for all of the policies of Google and Amy aweber, and last August, the President proposed the company’s CEO Tim Cook that he is using the company’s business systems in self-driving “in a variety of ways” in “in many different areas”, suggesting that Apple has plans to high in Android Market or in some other application of vision computing, and artificial intelligence.

Source: The Verge

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