Apple compete, “watts August business” of this property

After the announcement of the application WhatsApp new business Whatsapp Business, Apple launched its property Business Chat application messages phones iPhone and devices running iOS.

Everything you wanted to know about “WhatsApp business”

The new app from Apple will as a characteristic that allows users to interact directly with business owners, through the application of the Apple instant messaging iMessage. Will allow users of iOS devices next spring as a pilot, through iOS version 11.3 of the operating system.

Apple has announced a custom property of the business in the Annual Conference of the world last year to the developers, pointing to its support to commercial institutions such as the Hilton Hilton discover Discover.

Apple has said “users will be able to communicate via a property Business Chat easily with the service providers, and book appointments or buy products and support via Apple Pay”. Don’t see your property Business Chat the user’s contacts with service providers, and allows the user to stop the conversation at any time.

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