Apple Computer first Apple I sold at auction for half a million dollars almost

Earlier this month, got Apple Computer first Apple I, effective to Christie’s auctions in the United Kingdom. He was expected to get this situation old classic up to 630, 000$, but with the closing of the auction, the incident brought the final price which is reached 471,000 dollars.

In the past year been selling the same case for the $ 210,000, but others may link their price to 815,000 dollars.

I know of

Computer Apple I, which was purchased at auction this month it was in the past owned by a man named Rick Conte in 1977, was donated to the non-profit organization in 2009, and a PhD after that in the year 2014 the people who sold it now at the auction.

It was Apple I Device unique in several ways. It is designed on The Shape of the handbag, while the included set auction also a bunch of different accessories to the side of the case, including many documents own Apple, and the”guide of the first very rare” issued by Apple, recorder cassette tapes from Panasonic, and Motorola processor is small, and more.

Of the belief that there are about 80 units of the computer, the Apple I is still good even today, where Apple initially made about 200 units of them. About 15 of the good hardware that exists today in stores.

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