Apple confirms delay of launch of the iPhone until after September

آبل تؤكد تأخير إطلاق آيفون إلى ما بعد سبتمبر

It is customary to reveal Apple officially unveiled the iPhone every September and availability demand before the end of the month, but this year with the closure of the world, particularly factories in China, the iPhone 12 will not be asked as usual in September set the access markets to the post.

Revealed Luca Maestri Chief Financial Officer of Apple, during the announcement of financial results to be for your new iPhone will be delayed a few weeks.

This delay comes as no surprise, it has already published The Wall Street Journal about the delayed start to production great commercial for the new by about a month from the usual. Recently confirmed Qualcomm that also.

Delay the launch of the iPhone this year doesn’t mean delay the company’s annual, but it does mean lag in the market and the company official. In general you know Apple for the iPhone in September and availability for purchase by the end of the month, and now won’t is available for purchase in September.

Recall that this is not the first time that you delay Apple offer the iPhone in markets, in 2017 was the iPhone X has delayed his arrival to the markets until November due to the interests in manufacturing, as well as iPhone X-R delayed until October due to problems in the production of LCD screens, and now because SK will be delayed to provide the iPhone 12 in stores.


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