Apple confirms it has acquired a company specializing in the technology of self-driving

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Perhaps many are already familiar with the fact that Apple has a department in the company works on the development of technology for self-driving. Lately, the frequency that the company is looking to reduce the size of the section through layoffs of staff, but it seems that this is not the case because Apple have confirmed to us now that it has acquired a company specializing in the development of technology for self-driving.

The company in question here is the, has recently revealed to state officials that it will be laying off 90 employees as part of its plan to stop its work. It seems that the process of acquisition of these aims basically to get the talent that was working in a company, because according to Axios, the Apple employ dozens of engineers, hardware and software from a company

In case you haven’t heard about the before, they are designed as part of the concept to convert the current car to self-driving cars. This can be achieved through extensions tools can be installed in current vehicles to turn them into self-driving cars. It is not clear what Apple achieved with the process of acquisition of this, or what do you think do Technology self-driving.

While the company admitted to some extent as targeting technology and self-driving cars, no one seems to know what really can be pursued by Apple in the end. Maybe you could end on that equipment to form units CarPlay or maybe require Apple to license the technology of self-driving private companies specialized in the automotive industry, or perhaps we may see a self-driving car from the company, but in all cases we will have to wait and see what will happen in the end.

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