Apple confirms that some of the iPad Pro 2018 comes boy’s bow simple in structure aluminum

Confirmed Apple to be some of the iPad Pro 2018 that have been shipped there by the deflection is extremely simple in structure aluminum.

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Where the company said that this Bend is one of the side effects of the manufacturing process of the device, and does not affect this curvature on the performance of the device or is getting worse over time, as the company said that this bend occurred as a result of the process of refrigeration which involve the metal and plastic components for the iPad Pro during the manufacturing process, the reply from the police after that alleged some customers on social networks and a lot of the users of MacRumors that iPad Pros 2018 has happened to him for deflection of simple, gradually to extend the daily use.

Also look problem bend this more pronounced in the model LTE, where some users are having a curvature in the place which divides the line of the antenna clip from the show, as the company also confirmed that this Bend is present in the model cell only, but some of the users model Wi-Fi they observed that around. also, as said by Apple that they have not experienced the rate of Return is higher than the normal for the iPad Pro 2018 until now.

It is worth mentioning that the tablet iPad Pro 2018 is available at a price of$ 799 for an 11-inch, priced at 1,899$ for compared to 12.9-inch with 1 TB of storage and LTE.


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