Apple confirms that there are 900 million phone iPhone active at the global level

iPhone XS Max

Although sales of later models of the iPhone did not live up to expectations, no one is denying the fact that iPhones are still very popular too, but no doubt you’re wondering now to what extent is phones iPhone popular? Well, according to the last Latest for Apple, it appears that there are currently 900 million iPhones activated in all over the world.

This according to the finance director at Apple, Mr. Luca Maestri, who says that this is the first time that reveal where Apple about these figures so stated by saying : ” the base of iPhone activity on a global level the growth has reached its highest level ever at the end of December. We disclose this figure for the first time now. I plan on the next 900 million devices “.

This number is for iPhone only. According to Apple, the base of the active devices total which also includes tablet and iPad computers Mac break through the barrier of 1.4 million devices, which means that iPhone accounted for more than half of Apple devices activity, and therefore it is easy to see why the low demand for iPhones is of concern to investors. It is interesting to see Apple reveal the number of phones iPhone activity, since it assured us earlier that it will no longer disclose the number of iPhones that sold in each quarter.

In the meantime, stated the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook also that the price was one of the factors that prevented users from upgrading to iPhone later. Thus, it was explained that Apple will review their prices in some markets where demand for the iPhone is weak.

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