Apple confirms the acquisition of the developer to self-driving

After the appearance of several reports that confirm the acquisition process since the beginning of the current month, the company completed the Apple TV to complete its acquisition

آبل تؤكد الاستحواذ على المطورة لتقنيات القيادة الذاتية The acquisition of the developer to self-driving

Confirmed the Apple Promotion Department to develop the techniques of self-driving vehicles with the acquisition of the startup specialized in the development of piloted driving technologies using artificial intelligence, which was working in the field for several years and evaluated in the last period by about $ 200 million.

There were many interested parties with the acquisition of the, however, Apple settled the page in the end according to the statements of the company emerging.

On the other hand, has told the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle that she was informed by the authorities to close the project after the acquisition of the demobilization of the 90 staff members of the company staff, while tens of employees of other company departments different to the Apple TV within the staff of the Department of self-driving cars that includes engineers, equipment (hard-ware) or systems (software) that is used in the techniques of self-driving.

Despite the hotel company developer to self-driving by using artificial intelligence around 200 million USD a while ago, but that the acquisition deal, according to report of website of Axios did not cost more than 77 million,

The site said also that Apple refused to talk about the value of the transaction after its completion, but other sources revealed the financial value.



San Francisco Chronicle

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