Apple considered the possibility of bending the iPad Pro.. “is not a defect disturbing”!

Confession sexy for Apple, and confirms through the possibility to know iPad latest iPad Pro 2018 bending, as it bought some customers, however, it noted that it is not considered a defect disturbing in the machine!

iPad Pro gallery to pay tribute

Bought a number of customers Apple via websites, know their الـiPad Pro 2018 bending, in a sudden crisis may lead to breaking the device completely over time, to come to the quick reply by the tech giant and manufacturer of the same without delay, as I thought of the problem, but with reference to the lack of any side effects of this, which no company sees a serious flaw.

I explained to Apple that some of the devices the iPad arrived to the customers, which is slightly curved from the base, as a result of a problem in the manufacturing process, but it reassured customers sure that it won’t get worse with the passage of time and frequent use, as it will not affect the performance of the electronic device days.

Not replaceable

Despite the recognition of the Apple crisis, which affected the latest iPad, but that this did not mean the company is famous for the opportunity of the customers, in order to switch those devices to another, where the process of switching phones and electronic devices for Apple, subject to a 14 day known, with the situation in mind that the iPad Pro 2018 has been released for sale since the 7th of last November, after Apple announced it for the first time by the end of October.

The management company Apple announced with the spread of talk about the disadvantage of iPad Pro 2018, as well as with the probability influenced by the processes of the house so special electronic device, they did not notice any negative indicators or disturbing evidence affected the largest proportion of clients from the crisis of the bending device, which has spread to talk about her recently, where she stressed that the rate of Re devices for from new, it remains extremely natural so far, and concern.

In the end, it seems that the crisis of the iPad that will not adversely affect the operation of the device effectively, trusting on the manufacturer, so it becomes a little troublesome, in that case only, to prevent the attack to the smallest detail formal maybe.

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