Apple considering direct investment in Egypt after the skyrocketing prices of the iPhone!

On the sidelines of the conference, “Davos” Economic Conference, currently in Switzerland, met the CEO of Apple “Tim Cook” with the Egyptian Prime Minister “Mustafa Madbouly” to discuss investment Apple TV direct sales in the Egyptian market during the coming period in the areas of technology and education.

اجتماع "تيم كوك" برئيس الوزراء المصري على هامش مؤتمر دافوس

A meeting of the “Tim Cook” the prime minister and the bank on the sidelines of the Davos conference

Like a lot of other states, up Apple products to the Egyptian market through local distributors rather than through Apple itself. This latest rise alarming in the prices of Apple products in Egypt through recently, especially after Apple’s Prohibition of the supply of its products to the Communists of the local.

It is worth mentioning that the anti-occupation of the Egyptian cabinet of ministers had issued a statement last December warned the Apple TV from its restrictions on the sale of its products inside Egypt and prices the amounts in those products compared to the rest of the state, has given a statement to Apple TV a period of 60 days to resolve the problem Otherwise it will be punished criminally.

Come the ongoing negotiations between the Egyptian government and Apple TV on the background of those recent conflicts, have ended to the promise of the initial of Apple in direct investment in Egypt and then an invitation from the Egyptian government for the chief executive to Apple “Tim Cook” to meet ministers and discuss the future work plan, according to the CNN website.

Egypt is the center of gravity of the Apple TV in the Middle East and Africa because of the fanbase of the petition that are out there in addition to application developers with Egyptian nationality who are developing iOS applications where more than 38 thousand people according to the statements of Tim Cook.

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