Apple continues testing unmanned vehicles

Apple continues to expand the fleet of driverless cars, according to a study by analysts at statista that reference data is the California Department of motor vehicles. Since March, the number avtopilotiruemy vehicles at the disposal of Apple has increased from 45 to 55.

Now the company was in second place in terms of fleet among all the tech giants who are testing Autonomous cars in California. According to the California transport Department, in a Tesla, there are only 39 cars with autopilot. Leading company Cruise Automation is a subsidiary of General Motors, which has 104 vehicles.

Apple is testing the autopilot on the Lexus RX450h. Each instance is equipped with a system of location-based sensors, perimeter cameras, and ultra-precise rangefinder. Despite the high-tech equipment, behind the wheel of each car must present driver, capable in case of emergency to take control into their own hands.

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