Apple continues to improve Mac App Store

In 2018 Apple tightly took over the development of the Mac App Store. First, the company completely upgraded the appearance of the store, giving it a modern look, then there were sets of applications, and now the Corporation has introduced the option of a phased update to developers. What is this feature and how it can be useful for General users? Let’s deal.

In fact, the function of a phased upgrade works is very simple. As planned, the update application is sent only to a limited number of users — this is done to ensure that if there are any problems, the developer could instantly withdraw update. This approach will allow to improve the quality of applications, and identify critical faults before the program will download a large number of users. Here, as explained by developers this option Apple itself:

From this point you can use the phased distribution of updates to your application macOS. Appropriate option is available in the App Store Connect. Notice that a new version will encompass an increasing number of users

It is worth noting that the option only works if the user has disabled the automatic updates feature. However, the user may at any time install the new version manually.

Schedule of enrolment of users, after the update, as follows:

  • Day 1 — 1%;
  • Day 2 — 2%;
  • Day 3 — 5%;
  • Day 4 — 10%;
  • Day 5 — 20%;
  • Day 6 — 50%;
  • Day 7 — 100%.

Thus, in a week the update will be available to all users. The feature is already appreciated by many large publishers. Let’s hope Apple continues to improve Mac App Store.

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