Apple controls 52% of the market for smartphones is superior to all other companies!

Today released a new report from the foundation of CounterPoint Research, who among that Apple still dominates on the phones leading up to now with a market share of infusion amounted to 52% of the total market has been followed in the arrangement of both Samsung and Huawei, this taking into account that the women that were controlled by Apple in the previous year was 48%, i.e. that the company has achieved a growth of approximately 4% complete.هواتف أبل الرائدةAs for companies like Samsung, Huawei has won the first 25% of the market of flagship phones, while Huawei has taken control of only 12% of this market, but it behooves us to keep in mind that Huawei and Samsung already produce phones average and weak which is something I don’t do Apple.

Recall that over the phone helped Apple to achieve this accomplishment is iPhone XR for his excellent performance in exchange for low price, which helped the company to increase its market share of the flagship phones this is because the XR is telephone pilot as we know, that while the Series P and Mate I have a Huawei has achieved is not the parable, the Samsung with the main in this market was a series of Galaxy Note and S course.

هواتف أبل الرائدة

Recall that OnePlus has come among the top five companies controlling this market -as in the picture – but it controls only 2% in exchange for 2% LG, 8% spread over the rest of the smartphone manufacturers.

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