Apple cooperate with Chinese film director Jia Zhangke to film Another short using the iPhone XS


Decided to Apple cooperation with the film director and screenwriter of China me of Jia Zhangke’s award-winning create a short film as part of a series of short films, illustrated by Apple under the title ” Shot On iPhone XS “.

Will be showing this short film for the first time on the day of January 25 and then will be aired during the Chinese Spring Festival held on the fifth day of February next. And yet, we don’t know a lot about this short film except that its protagonists are a man and a bucket long with a lid and strapped with duct tape, who went on a journey across China.

In the past year, come Apple with Peter Ho-Sun Chan to launch a short film for the Chinese Spring Festival. The duration of this short film is three minutes, is filmed entirely using the iPhone X with the knowledge that he knew he was not one of the workers in the sector in the journey of six days, while you spend only three minutes with her son.

And mentioned short story comic using the iPhone, Apple also yesterday published a short film another talking about Eddie Siaumau, a sporty 17-year-old from the island of American Samoa. Filmed this short film by filmmaker and photographer Steve Counts using the iPhone XS and many of the accessories that include the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and NiSi Smartphones Filter Kit and Joby GripTight Pro Video GP Stand and FiLMiC Pro.

There’s a lot of footage that was filmed all over the island of American Samoa. The movie shows Eddie Siaumau during his training in the gym and on the beach. Obviously, this short film also showcases what you can camera iPhone XS do. And the apple, she chose to highlight on this site in the latest short film not because the island of American Samoa is able to produce athletes that can play in the Football League more American than Americans in any other place.

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