Apple cooperate with Microsoft in the development of the new version to develop iCloud for Windows

Developed by Apple and Microsoft application iCloud on the Windows platform, to avoid the problems faced by mostly users computers.

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Aimed at Apple and Microsoft to support users during the next period the experience of trying to iCloud Drive together to address the problems faced by the users of the computers, where the application iCloud new for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store Store.

Comes application iCloud new the same technique used in the OneDrive app from Microsoft with the advantage of On-Demand, to support cooperation between both companies users get quick access to the content of audio or video that is stored on the application to the iCloud, with access to files and agendas in the calendar or any other data that may have been stored in the application’s iCloud via your phone or computers.

I have encountered users of the Windows Platform 10 some problems in the application of iCloud during the financial period, but that some users of Windows devices with the application of iCloud encountered a problem installing the latest version of Windows Update 10, also users of the app performance is slow in the app after updating to Apple’s iCloud last month.

It is expected that the equivalent new version of the application iCloud a lot of the problems that emerged for the users during the financial period, where comes the new app with full support from Apple and Microsoft.


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