Apple could buy Intel business unit

This month was more or less successful for Apple – the company managed to complete the long-term confrontation with Qualcomm, making a settlement agreement, and thereby avoid restrictions on the sale of the iPhone in some countries. But as it is the circumstances if arrangements have not been achieved? As it became known, Apple could go to very drastic measures to get a part of Intel’s business.

We are talking about the Intel involved in the development of 5G modems. According to insiders, Apple started to negotiate the purchase of modem business in the summer of 2018. The deal could take place, however, the dialogue between the company was interrupted almost immediately after entering into a settlement agreement with Qualcomm.

The source I am sure that Intel still interested in selling specified part of the business. Despite the fact that the Corporation officially announced its withdrawal from the market and cease development of modems with support of networks of the fifth generation, in the Arsenal of the chip maker there are several promising and advanced technologies that, in theory, Apple could use when creating your own cell module 5G.

Despite the fact that Apple now has access to the most perfect 5G-modules in Cupertino really are developing their own modem for the iPhone. It is known that the company moved in the unit the development of modem 100 leading engineers and specialists from other departments — all in order to focus on the development of innovative cell module. Without a doubt, the right decision — and with great prospects for the future.

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