Apple could launch a system of augmented reality the beginning of next year

It was reported that Apple might finally launch a system of enhanced reality after a long period of news about the development of the company no.

آبل من الممكن أن تطلق نظارة واقع مُعزز بداية العام القادم

Long ago, reports indicate that Apple is working on the development of the system with augmented reality especially by being a leader in this field of smart phones, but those reports have continued to appear without any hint of even the beginning of last month when the back of the icon software in the iOS system 13 illustrates a system works AR can be reached for.

Now, according to the Technical Expert Ming-Chi Kuo, it may launch Apple system augmented reality our second quarter of the year 2020.

Noted Ko also, that the police want the new product to serve as accessories for their organs and therefore seek to provide by light and simple.

Means that the user can use the system to control the level and maybe carry it with them in an easy way anywhere, unlike most other glasses.

According to a new report, the Apple want to cooperate with different brands to launch the system and, thus, there is a possibility to see the glasses and its on the forms and instructions are different based on manufacturer. During the period of the close with its launch in the second quarter of next year, putting the user in front of several options.

Anyway, even if you choose out the designs of companies, the way to work the core and compatibility with the iPhone will remain as they are.



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