Apple could save the Touch ID in the iPhone X

Represented in 2017 iPhone X was a revolutionary in every sense: Apple first decided a radical change, equipping the smartphone screen on the entire area, depriving the device of the usual Home button with a fingerprint scanner. But few people know that Apple considered the option with preservation of Touch ID. In this case, the smartphone would have two advanced technology unlock.

This became known after the publication of the next patent application, which was registered in may 2016. We are talking about the improved Touch ID. At that time, many Android manufacturers have equipped their smartphones with a fingerprint scanner, located on the back side. But then in the Arsenal of the Apple had a technology that allowed you to place the fingerprint sensor under the screen.

The document stated and the method of recognition: engineers planned to use microscopic holes in the display panel, invisible to the naked eye. The reading took place as follows: the finger is applied to the screen, and at this time, several light sources illuminate it from different sides. In the center of the scanner is the lens through which the collected information is projected onto a CMOS camera. Thereafter, the resulting data is converted into a fingerprint image. A similar principle of operation used modern optical scanners.

It is unknown why, in the end, Apple decided to abandon their original plans. It is possible that the scanner had its weaknesses. Anyway, such a promising technology should not be discounted — it is possible that podkrovny scanner (in addition to the Face ID) will be added in future versions of the iPhone or iPad.

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