Apple couldn’t register a trademark in Russia

The output of almost any Apple product precedes its registration. Thus, the company confirms that its product is fully safe for the consumer or simply enshrines their right to release it. It’s how we know that in Cupertino are preparing to launch the next novelty. But sometimes about the company’s plans, you can learn more from the refusal of registration, which Apple encountered when attempting to register a trademark augmented reality in Russia.

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According to “Vedomosti”, Rospatent denied Apple a trademark registration in augmented reality due to external matches offered by the company logo with the logo of the company “Airports of regions”. Despite the fact that the authority did not provide an example of the Apple logo in the refusal refers to the distinctive features of the mark. The document States that the Apple logo consists of Latin letters “A” and “R” inscribed in a square frame.

Apple has applied for trademark registration back in November 2018 and almost immediately received a denial. The company then tried to challenge Rospatent’s decision by submitting a complaint to a higher Department, which was left without satisfaction. Experts of Department in his refusal referred to the fact that in both logos, the predominant elements are the square frame and letters and no other that would allow to distinguish them.

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Then, Apple went on a desperate step. They stated that the letter combination AR means augmented reality and is commonly used, and therefore exclusive rights to them cannot belong to anyone. However, this argument went unheeded, and so the only option for Apple to get the logo, the registration of which she refused to buy it at the “Airports of regions”.

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