Apple crack a case of a dispute the patent in court $ 234$ million

آبل تكسب قضية نزاع على براءة اختراع أمام المحكمة بـ 234$ مليون

Sentenced Federal Court of Appeals in favor of Apple regarding the dispute between them and the University of Wisconsin-Madison with the support of the latter that the company had violated the patent rights of its own in the processors for iPhone iPhone 5SوiPad Air and iPad mini 2 in 2014, as the court has fined Apple in the previous 234$ million issued a ruling in favor of the University, followed by the addition of fine 272$ million the fact that Apple continues to infringe the patent.

It was stipulated that the charge-sheet submitted by the university that Apple use in some of its organs and portable special technical sense of the products it has developed, has won the case in 2015, but after the judgment of the court of Appeal in favor of Apple would be the fines imposed on the development ladder, where the court reversed the judgment motivated by the lack of a clear violation of the Prove of the jury, so I had to cancel the judgment based on the jury based on the criteria

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