Apple crumble controlling the charger by the wireless AirPower before its launch

Apple has announced officially the exclusion of a charger by the wireless AirPower from the fact of the cancellation of work it, meaning they wouldn’t release it in the market; due to failure to pass quality tests architecture as a product is highly efficient and reflects the ambitions and aspirations as a company seeks to offer Experience feature availability to the user.

Came the announcement of the Apple that’s on the lips of the deputy head of the Department of Product Engineering in the company Dan Rico where he said that they decided to stop work on AirPower being not met the high standards desired, also gave his apology to consumers who were waiting for its release noting that they’re still committed to pay a line of wireless charging forward read that the future will depend on apartments Wireless more.

It is worth mentioning that the news had conflicting significantly following the company’s announcement of AirPower in 2017 in a launch event for iPhone X, where it is likely to be supplied to the user within a short period after the declaration; to a victim of marketing and delays over the past two years a number of arguments learned apartments engineering building, where he was supposed to serve the function of charging triple for the iPhone and hours Apple used its laser AirPods, but none of them will have this experience on what it looks like.

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