Apple decide not to launch smart glasses in the future!

Smart glasses was one of the products produced by the technical market, and one of the new products that run Apple developed depending on the technologies of augmented reality, but it seems that Apple decided to cancel their plans on those glasses smart according to a report published by the technical community to the Taiwanese DigiTimes.

تقرير - آبل لن تقوم بإطلاق نظارة ذكية مستقبلاً!Report – Apple will launch smart glasses in the future!

And several sources have claimed that Apple will launch a system of its smart by early 2020, including analysts famous the likes of Ming-Chi Kuo, health in the Bloomberg Mark Gurman and the location of the CNET and others.

System Apple smartphone based augmented reality technology AR was expected to be marketing them as a supplement to the “accessory” for the iPhone the user can rely on an alternative company without the iPhone in his hands is where you call the glasses to wirelessly.

Among the previous rumors also claim some of the sources that the glasses will tone run its own based on iOS system named rOS was not known then which way will be the challenge in glasses: touch or voice command depending on the Siri, or the gestures of the head.

It is worth mentioning that Apple’s broad interests with virtual reality and augmented reality dates back to ten years ago and even now it is also something we see in the statements of Tim Cook the CEO of the company on more than one occasion.

The decision of Apple to cancel the work on the smart glasses back of months past where it was a solution-based team developed in last May and transferred to other sectors in the company, it is not yet known the real reasons why the Apple TV so, maybe it is the ghost of failure, who meet the similar products such as Google Glasses!

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