Apple decided to block the service for developers

Apple took the decision to suspend the operation of the service Search Ads to promote apps in the App Store in Russia. The stated reason — the forthcoming changes in Russian tax legislation, which will enter into force on 1 January 2019. About this on his page on Twitter said the Creator of the app “Vkarmane” Sergei Mahendren with reference to the official letter which he received from representatives of the company.

According to the contents of the letter, part of which was published, Mahendren, the Russian developers will lose access to Search Ads 12 December 2018. Despite the fact that the lock service is likely to be a temporary measure in anticipation of the Christmas holidays, could seriously damage a lot of softwares for iOS. In connection with the suspension of the Search Ads they will lose the opportunity to promote their apps in the App Store and thus attract new users.

Tax on Google

In a letter talking about changes in the tax legislation of the Russian Federation. Rather, under the impending changes to the representatives of Apple meant the introduction of so-called “tax on Google”, which obliges a foreign company to register with the tax authority to pay sales tax yourself, and not through customers.

Apple does not say when Search Ads will start in Russia and return to her at all. As noted by people familiar with the situation, there is a high probability that the service will be launched again early next year. Lock wanted the company in order to conduct the calculation of tax rates and to adapt an existing business strategy to the new rules.

As a rule, stresses other knowledgeable person, in such cases, companies usually report that the suspension of corporate services is temporary, with the obligatory indication of the date of renewal. Therefore, he says, there is every reason to believe that Search Ads in Russia does not work at all.

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