Apple decided to change its logo for one day

Sometimes Apple upgrades its logo all over the world to Express their support for the organizers of an event. Next event for which the company will change the appearance of the “Apple” will be held this Sunday, April 22.

This day is also known as Earth Day is celebrated around the world. Most retail stores Apple has already changed its logo to the traditional “Apple” added a green leaf, symbolizing the concern of the Corporation on the environment. In addition, Apple Store employees will wear the familiar blue shirt on the green.

Apple also timed to this event a demonstration of a new robot Daisy whose job it is to disassemble the iPhone to as many components to process and use again. And in early April, all the structures Apple has completely switched to renewable energy. As the representatives of the company, in 2018, the utilization of “green” energy Apple reached 100 %.

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