Apple decides to officially cancel the base wireless charging AirPower after 18 months of postponement


Eighteen months after it was unveiled for the first time, Apple announced that it decided to cancel the base wireless charging AirPower. In a statement sent via e-mail to the site TechCrunch, said the vice president of Engineering at Apple, Mr. Dan Riccio :

” After much effort, we determined that the base wireless charging AirPower not up to our high standards we abolished the project. We believe customers who were looking to get this supplement. We still believe that the future is wireless solutions we are committed to paying trade wireless forward “.

The announcement of the base wireless charging AirPower for the first time in September of 2017, at exactly the same event which was the announcement of the phone iPhone X headphones AirPods. The vision was presented by Apple at that time is the development of wireless charging base one allows users to charge the iPhone and Apple Watch and AirPods at once. Will the base wireless charging AirPower sync charging status of each device so you can see what was shipped from the battery in each device.

However, in the time that we were waiting to tell Apple to launch wireless charging dock AirPower, appeared several reports hinted that Apple is facing some problems with charging base wireless this such as high temperature, which may prompt the company to cancel it, and this is what has already been achieved now.


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