Apple decides to raise the prices of replacement battery for iPhone as of next year


Apple announced for just about phones, the new iPhone, while the phone iPhone XR starting price of 749 USD which makes it a cheaper option compared to the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but it is still expensive. Thus it is understandable why there is still some of the features of the iPhone who prefer to cling their device, the old in an attempt to cut costs.

If you want to give new life to old iPhone your, change its battery can assist you in that, and in case if not yet benefited from the program, replacement battery iPhone from Apple, you must do so before 2019 because prices will rise. At the moment, Apple download $ 29 customers compared to replacement batteries phones iPhone their old.

However, this offer expires at the end of this year, starting from January 1, 2019, prices will rise according to the support document that have been updated recently which reveal that all the iPhones that are looking for a replacement battery out of warranty you will have to pay 49$, except for the iPhone X which costs more than $ 69.

Given that Apple has been asking their customers in the previous pay $ 79 for replacement batteries for their smart phones, the increase of the price by $ 20 isn’t so bad, but as we said If you don’t use of this offer yet, then maybe you should do so before the end of this year if you want to save some money.



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