Apple: definitions of America to China damage the competitive global

The company said Apple TV: the tariffs proposed American on Chinese goods, which ones: phones, iPhone, computers, iPad tablets, computers, Mac, personal, would reduce the company contributions in the U.S. economy, and affects its global competitiveness.

The company said the U.S. in comments published on the government website on the internet today Thursday: it’s the US government should not go forward in its proposal to impose a tariff up to 25% on other goods from China worth $ 300 million.

Added Apple TV to the fees going to the earphones (are) AirPods, and a TV (Apple TV) AppleTV, battery, and spare parts. It is among the latest American company that is trying to put pressure on the management of Donald Trump to abandon its plan to impose more tariffs on Chinese goods.

Expected to resume trade talks between the United States and China after more than a month of stalemate. It is expected to meet presidents of the two countries in the group of twenty summit in Japan next week. President Donald Trump has said he will impose tariffs on more Chinese goods after the collapsed of the discussions in the month of May last.

Noted Apple – in suspension – it is the largest tax payer dollars to the treasury of the United States, have pledged in the 2018 plan to contribute to the initiative by more than $ 350 million in the American economy over the course of five years.

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Referred to to know the Apple TV comes after only one day of data for a major American other, namely: Dell, HP, Microsoft, Intel, opposed the proposal to Trump the inclusion of computers, laptops, tablets between Chinese goods targeted customs.

She said these four companies in a joint statement posted on the internet: this step will put consumers and the industry, will not address the business practices of China, which is seeking office of Management Trump trade representative of the United States to treat.

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