Apple deleted partition user reviews of e-store

Removed the Apple TV section, “ratings & reviews” “Ratings & Reviews” from the pages of all their products found on the e-store so that you won’t see the comments and reviews shared by former those products or write your review and your opinion of it.

First it was with the e-store dedicated to some countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia, and later was expanded to the rest of the world.

Step interesting because Apple didn’t follow up the comments and negative reviews about their products, and now have removed the entire section, therefore, is no longer the transparency typical of them.

The comments section has received a number of negative reviews about the computer MacBook Pro 16 inch new recently.

The Department of the comments and reviews a good source to find out how good or bad of the products, particularly in relation to the case, such as a widget that allows port headphones port Lightning, which received more than 700 assessment successfully only one!

Now if the user wanted to know the reaction of the rest of the users about the devices and accessories of the company, will be sentenced found on e-shops world.

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