Apple doesn’t think they are replicating the nurses from the others, but she says that

On Wednesday, it wasn’t the big surprise for Apple’s new phones, but its a new feature in the fourth generation of her watch smart, which allows the ability to test electrocardiography (ECG) as soon as you put your finger on the button.

The tests (ECG) is the gold standard of which depends upon the doctors to diagnose heart problems. Can sensors found on smart watches from Apple and Fitbit clock of the heart rate monitor, but it’s better suited for fitness, not for medical use. Given that heart diseases are the first causes of death around the world, the water of the ECG on the hours Able new can help users in discovering problems early, and save some lives.

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But, the company AliveCor, a startup based in Mountain View, I was surprised of the declaration on company ABC that claimed that her watch new Smart is the first smart device lets test ECG available to consumers, despite the fact that AliveCor is working to provide devices for checkups similar without a prescription, such as Apple TV, since a long time.

Not like Apple to admit they forget their nurses other companies, even in the smallest things, and this fact confirmed repeatedly in the new features launched by the company on its various products.

One of the main differences that will distinguish the products of the AliveCor is the price. Start devices AliveCor of$ 99, while the fourth generation of the Apple Watch smartphone that supports the feature of ECG cost $ 399.

Source: BI

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