Apple donates more than 10 million channel to face the corona

Apple donates more than 10 million channel to face the corona


The CEO of Apple (Tim Cook) on Wednesday in a tweet posted through his account the official Twitter site for the company to donate ten million face mask for health workers to confront an outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

He had been rumored last week about the company’s intention to donate with me channel, so the figure which was announced cook much bigger, even bigger than the announcement by the Deputy President (Mike Pence) who said at a conference of the White House yesterday: the company will donate nine million channel.

Cook said in his tweet: “proud to announce that we were able to get 10 million channel of the United States, and millions more for areas with sacrificing the most in Europe. And operations teams of the US in finding and buying the masks of our supply chain in coordination with governments around the world”.

In doing so, join the Apple TV to many technology companies and other donated and the centre of the cash situation due to frequent demand for them in the shadow of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus which has claimed to date the lives of more than 20 thousand people all over the world.

The companies, such as company American automaker Ford, has announced the conversion of its facilities to a place for the production of masks.

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