Apple doubled the memory storage for your Mac Mini

mac mini 2018

Apple today announced the doubling of memory storage for your Mac Mini. The basic version of this laptop will have 256GB of internal memory will be $ 799 while the 512GB version about 1099 USD.

Although we are in the year 2020, there is still the Mac Mini comes with third generation of Intel Core processors, with 8GB of RAM, thus we believe that doubling the memory storage device will not lead to improved overall performance of the device. I got the previous generation of Mac Mini on a big welcome because he was forgotten until the Apple update finally after four years.

It seems that the Mac Mini 2018 walking in the same way, it is the other will be promoted only after the lapse of a few years. Was the Mac Mini is a desktop computer the cheapest in the lineup, Apple says the performance of the fit, despite its small size, but everyone started to forget this device due to ignore the police permanent to see him every year.


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