Apple emphasizes the developers about the mechanism of subscription and upgrade apps in the App Store

آبل تشدد على المطوريين بما يخص آلية الإشتراك وترقية التطبيقات في App Store

The Apple is updating its guidance for developers of civilians and the displacement on the display mechanism and the way in which the process of procurement in applications due to the proliferation of exploit this aspect significantly analysis in order to earn money in the shadow of the deprecation information provided to the user in this regard, as Apple will show its new developers and executives, this time in bold explaining what is forbidden and what is allowed in more detail according to the website 9to5Mac.

And the instructions updated to having a monthly subscription price clearly to the user as well as the subscription price for a larger time, for example 6 months or a year with a statement of what will the user monthly in case you choose the package half yearly or yearly rather than monthly subscription fiddle showing the following picture:

It provides money to the need to inform the user as much as the benefit of the period of the free trial whether it is one day or more as well as what will it cost after its completion, in addition to embed the screen shots of the person who will have the Walkman app include suggestions for developers to allow users to control their contributions through the app itself without having to go to the section subscriptions in the App Store.

In the look steps the company is serious in this regard to avoid the description of her shop as a warehouse to celebrate across the procurement method followed which is based on the user resort to other, but you will publish a list of new guidelines in setting a deterrent, at which time the form in which the processes participate in the application an increase of 18% in the revenues of the different app stores since the year 2016, maybe we can think of this method of backup is a logical reason in the increase at the very least taking to his followers.

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