Apple ended its experiment with hours Apple Watch luxury because of the specificity of this market


When Apple announced about the Smart Watch Apple Watch Series 4 New, noticed it a lot in the event the official announcement is the absence of a copy of the Apple Watch Edition of this watch is the new smart. In case you haven’t heard it before, it was hours Apple Watch Edition is the way Apple try to attract customers who want to buy a smart watch luxury, but now it seems that the experience of Apple with smart watches luxury is over.

According to a new report released recently from the site The Verge, it has been observed that Apple no longer sells Apple Watch Edition on its official website on the internet. Of course, for those who want to spend their money understand are always welcome because they can get the Apple Watch with belts, Hermes which will be easily more than 1000 USD.

However, this choice of the third party, when it comes to Special Offers with Apple TV, it seems that it is over. Started Apple in the beginning with the Apple Watch set in gold which will cost 10’s of thousands of dollars. Apple made the later hours of the Apple Watch made of ceramic which replaced the golden ratio, but it seems now that there are versions of other luxury.

Perhaps the company realized the Apple TV that the market was very special, and will probably be spending time and resources in establishing partnerships with niche brands in the fashion world such as Hermes the best of making these luxury versions of itself. There is also the problem of upgrades, but Apple TV upgrade Apple Watch annually, and therefore it is likely that there will be a large number of people who want to give up that kind of money on an annual basis.


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