Apple engaged new ads to promote the features of the camera iPhone 11 Pro and download it

After the announcement of the opening of pre-registration to request the latest iPhones, Apple share a couple of new ads that highlight the durability and strength of an iPhone 11 Pro in addition to promote the features of the camera triple in a way unusual.

The industry has been that the ads in the room choose a futuristic-looking, had an ad up period of one minute, which show iPhone 11 Pro stands in the face of things placed on it from kids games to wedding cake, and at the end of the ad was introduced a system of water spray to the top, which indicates that the new phone is more powerful as well as waterproof.

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The second presentation highlighted on the “camera system of the tripartite” which is a bit shorter, but it covers the camera setup your new phone iPhone 11 Pro, with the help of a collie cute figure was to show the strength of the lens and what it can do the camera in the corner is very clear ultra wide, and wide, standard, and ends the ad with a glance at Simple Photography in Night Mode.

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