Apple expects her through the courts will be forced to unlock the iPhone terrorist

The courts are for Apple the same norm as meetings with the authorities or financial statements to investors. Reasons for participation in court processes can be very different from patent litigation in which the company acts as a plaintiff to the litigation with government agencies, urging her to answer. Fortunately for Apple, the latter situations occur infrequently, as if to fend off Spotify, accusing the company in capturing the market of streaming services is possible in principle, it will be possible to defend the right, when case to connect the power, completely unknown.

Tim cook decided to lead the protection entrusted to the company

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Apple is preparing for trial with the FBI and the U.S. Department of justice in the case of iPhone unlock terroristopened fire at the naval station in Florida. Despite the fact that law enforcement authorities have not appealed to the court, the company expects that it will happen, and therefore actively working on a defense strategy. As reported by the New York Times, in the preparatory process involved the Tim cook, which should assist in the event of unforeseen circumstances. However, what are these circumstances and what assistance the Director General is not very clear.

Unlock iPhone

The FBI wants to force Apple to unlock iPhone

It is reported that in the last days Tim cook with a few advisors and lawyers gather in meeting rooms and for a very long time conversing. Obviously, they are building a scenario of a trial in which the company will be involved in as a defendant. So, Apple decided to attend a private strategy that we need to work through every detail, because this depends directly on the preservation of the company’s credibility and future relationship to her fans.

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Apple remembers all too well the case of San Bernardino, when the security forces had almost made it through the courts to unlock iPhone attacked a nursing home in Northern California. However, if nothing happened, because the FBI found a way to access the contents of a smartphone shooter, using the help of hackers, an Israeli company Cellebrite. However, this time the authorities, apparently, are determined and prepared to obtain a court order requiring Apple to help them unlock to create thus a precedent for future proceedings.

Can the FBI unlock iPhone

That the FBI can unlock an iPhone yourself without the help of Apple, to doubt absolutely not necessary. The fact that U.S. intelligence has access to companies GrayShift tool that allows you to copy file system of your smartphone, even if it is locked. Recently it became known that the Ohio state police have released so iPhone 11 Probelonging to the suspect in the crime. It turns out that even those defenses that have applied the Apple, could not resist hacking the hardware, and therefore, iPhone 7 Florida arrow to unlock easier.

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In General, apparently, to put the squeeze on Apple want not only intelligence, but also the highest state officials. First call to submit to law enforcement requests, to the company addressed Donald trump, who, obviously referring to Tim cook reminded him of the recent decision not to impose the iPhone and iPad import duties. And now, as it turned out, joined the case and the Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, who expressed hope that Apple will cease the act and will provide the necessary support to the authorities in the investigation of the attack.

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