Apple explained why the Apple Watch can measure blood pressure and blood sugar

Apple pays great attention to the development of medical technologies, but time and again, faced with the unstoppable power of the global bureaucracy. For sure, if not for that, we should be seeing the Apple Watch with the functions of pressure measurement, analysis of the level of oxygen in the blood and a diagnosis of diabetes at an early stage. The more branded watch companies all already know, but in order to release these features into the people, need to do an incredible job on the approval, licensing, and certification. However, in Cupertino fully support the practice of innovation, considering it to be more than useful.

The potential of Apple Watch is wider than it seems, but Apple is deliberately holding back its

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The wide spread of personal devices economiceskoe orientation has led to the fact that they unconditionally believe in their favour. But this is the wrong approach, says Sumbul Desai, Vice President of worldwide health issues. According to her, everyone who cares about their health, have to wonder whether the device he chooses, specifically effective in his case. Indeed, in the absence of comprehensive regulation, there would be no guarantee that a particular manufacturer will offer a real working tool for monitoring health.

Why the Apple Watch can so little

Apple taught the Apple Watch measure blood pressure, oxygen level and even to identify diabetes, but Apple blocks these functions intentionally

“There is a very big difference between these medical devices and services and snake oil. In the end, if this market is not regulated properly, any tech company can claim that its product is beneficial to health. Strict regulation and careful adherence to the regulatory framework will mean slower innovation, but it is a kind of protection users from charlatans and effctively medical equipment, which this is not at all,” explained Desai.

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Apple is highly committed to implementing new medical functions, and so users have to wait a very long time. In fact it is even a longer process than might seem, said Desai.

As Apple introduces new technologies

It all starts with a simple examination of the symptoms and characteristics of the particular disease, the extent of its spread, and much more. Fortunately, Apple is working with the world health organization and has access to the most current information. But then begins the elaboration of methods of diagnostics with the involvement of focus groups. This stage can last for years, because obtaining a relevant sample is extremely important. The experts decode the received data, looking for common features and analyze, using artificial intelligence. Then again, should be tested because need to check how the methodology developed by the company are effective in real-world conditions. But even if all these steps are passed successfully, there is no guarantee that the new diagnostic function will approve the power. It is for this reason ECG in the Apple Watch still works not in all countries.

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It turns out that the introduction of innovative technologies, which we expect from Apple, like measuring pressure, level of oxygen in the blood, greatly complicated not only bureaucracy, but also the need to ensure their effectiveness. If you remember, a few years ago, Tim cook talked about the fact that in Cupertino are working on analyzer, blood sugar levels and that he is already testing a prototype of this device. However, after some time all the talk about the development stopped and the company, apparently, was forced to freeze the project for an unknown reason. But it is logical, because where better to get a working device than a placebo or “snake oil”.

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