Apple explains why you phones Evo 11 keeps track of the location of the user always and love!

Days ago triggered a security researcher controversy about tracking phones Evo 11 the geographical location of the user even in the case of closure and to disable Location Services Location Services system and applications which cause a security problem and puts the privacy of the user.ابل تشرح لماذا تقوم هواتف ايفون 11 بتتبع موقع المستخدم دائماً وتعد بالحل!

One of the architects of Apple stated then that no problem and that the system works as it should in spite of appearance of the icon of the site activated in the Control Center and status bar although disabled.

Apple today re-opened the case through statements to TechCrunch indicated that the series phones Evo 11 chip U1 that you select the precise locations depending on the radio waves to high frequency Ultra WideBand. Some areas around the world is not allowed to use this type of radio waves, so it is essential that the phone days on site to implement this feature or disable it.

Added Apple also to ascertain the geographic location and it is on the phone only and does not send that data to servers Apple, as they plan to add option user can stop the radio waves to high frequency Ultra WideBand manually turn off location tracking in the background.

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