Apple facing 4 problems related to privacy and security

It is known that company Apple American is one of the most corporate attention to the privacy of users and the security and integrity of their data, where attacking constantly other companies that are using users ‘ data for commercial purposes.

While Apple products are safe, but they are not fully protected from security vulnerabilities and problems on it, where I discovered the recent security flaws in iOS and Mac in addition to violations of the data of the users of iPhone and iPad by different companies.

The first problem was related to the discovery of a security flaw in FaceTime for calls, where the caller hear tapping on the call recipient before answering, this is a big problem, into the privacy of the users so that they are tapping them and even if they did not respond to the call, while the company launched the update to the operating system in the last hours to solve this problem.

The second problem, which is driving companies like Google and Facebook beyond the powers of software developers that is granted by Apple for some companies, where this program enables companies to develop applications for iPhone, iPad, and uses within the companies and their employees, but they have to distribute applications to users related to the collection of their data in return for a material, which constitutes a violation of the laws and the rule of Apple, and therefore has been blocked companies from using this program for a day, which led to internal problems with Facebook and Google.

The second problem, which is related to the system of Mac. Where discovered facilities is a serious security vulnerability that allows hackers access to the passwords and accounts associated with it stored with the MacBook, so that it can hack all user accounts stored information to the device, while the teenager refused to share information about vulnerabilities with Apple because that company policy does not provide for the granting of reward to anyone who discovers a loophole MAC, granted reward to anyone who discovers a loophole iOS only.

The fourth problem, which was yesterday, is that some famous apps of the iPhone record video of the activities of users, so that when the user opens the application, is recording his movements with the video in full, send the data to the policy decisions of external companies, which constitutes a violation of the laws of Apple, which has asked the companies to put a warning when you start to record the activities of users to be aware of this.

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