Apple facing criticism because of Chinese censorship on the apps

The company is facing Apple’s sharp criticism because of the Chinese censorship on the apps, which criticized a group of members of Congress from the Republican and democratic parties in the letter of the two companies Apple and Blizzard Blizzard because of their actions last in China.

And denounced the letter addressed to the chief executive, Tim Cook Tim Cook, the company’s decision Apple earlier this month removed an application used by protesters in Hong Kong to track the location of local police forces.

The letter stated that “cases like these raise real concern about whether Apple and other large American companies will go to the demands of China’s growing in order to not lose access to more than million Chinese consumers”.

One Apple pressed to remove the app after the Chinese government said: it is allowed for the rioters in Hong Kong to commit acts of violence, but the app developers they said it wasn’t there any evidence to suggest that their application has been used to target the police and undermining public safety.

The letter included a statement from an organization called GreatFire explains that the Apple Watch at least 2200 application in China, including the application of virtual private networks used to circumvent Firewall of China, and applications are made by the ethnic minorities oppressed, including the Uighurs, and Tibet.

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One message of criticism of Apple due to removal processes other applications, and signed by seven deputies, including Ron Wyden,, Alexander Ocasio Cortez, and Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, and Tom Cotton, Mike Gallagher, and Tom Malinowski.

He criticized lawmakers in a letter separately addressed to the CEO of Blizzard, Bobby Kotik Bobby Kotick – the publisher to ban the player after he expressed solidarity with the protesters in Hong Kong.

The letter says: given that your firm represents one of the pillars of the gaming industry, it may be your decision is disappointing frightening effect on players who seek to use their platform to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The letters indicate that the issue of Chinese censorship is the issue based on both the Democrats and Republicans to rally behind them, at the expense of companies that are looking to work in China.

It offers lawmakers the feds: if they have great concern in relation to the actions of Apple in China, and companies – in the case of Apple and Blizzard – unlike the current path to prove that they put the value over the access to the markets.

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