Apple facing investigation in China also because of its deliberate and slow phones iPhone old

iPhone 9

If Apple hopes to calm the crisis deliberately by slowing down the phones old iPhone, it seems that the company will be forced to deal with this crisis for a long period of time. She’s not only faced investigations in the United States of America, has released today a new report from news agency Reuters reveals that the organization responsible for the protection of the rights of consumers in China is now seeking to get answers from Apple also.

In a letter sent by the Shanghai Consumer Council to buy Apple, they ask for an explanation of the slow phones iPhone and information about what the company plans to Apple to do to address it. Apple was had made earlier in the explanation of the years reported they did so to provide a better experience for iPhone users who may face the problem of random rebooting or closing the indiscriminate if not the performance of the Processor match the performance of the battery.

The Apple since then to calm things down is to reduce the price of the replacement battery to the 29$ they knew it was asking for 79$ to do so. The programme of replacement of the battery is open now and will be available to all customers who Own the iPhone 6 or a higher version, customers will be able to take advantage of this offer, whether their smartphone will need to replace the battery or not.

Has promised Apple it will also make it easy for iOS device users know whether their devices to need to replace the battery in the future. We believe, however, that this probably won’t be enough to reduce the lawsuits instituted against the company because of this issue, so it remains to see How will treat Apple exactly with this issue.

We’re not sure of the things that the organization aims to protect the rights of consumers in China go out with this investigation, but asked Apple to reply by Friday. In the meantime, there are more than 40 lawsuits filed against the company, some of which have been filed outside of the United States of America also.


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