Apple fail in the faster the market for smart phones growing in the world

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The company is facing Apple a hard time in India, including the loss of its three top executives, according to a new report published by the Bloomberg agency, where they continue to manufacturer phones for iPhone her struggle there in order to win market share in the country, which is the third largest market for smartphones in the world, with the assumption of the Executive Director’s major roles related to outreach efforts in the work of the Apple there, and now restructuring the Sales Department, Indian fully with their adventure.

The list of managers who have left the Sales Director of national distribution, the head of its channels to commercial and middle market, the head of sales telecom companies, the sources said that the chief of operations of the Indian Michel colombe, Michel Coulomb, was slow in developing trade relations with the main mobile companies in India, where Apple’s difficulties in understanding the country, making the sales team is less focused and specific goals.

Bloomberg noted that Apple suffered for a long time in India, partly due to the tariffs associated with that inflated the price of its devices by up to 20 percent, prompting many consumers to purchase from competitors with prices expected to such as the Chinese Shao or South Korean company Samsung.

And Apple to compensate this manufacture and assemble some devices for iPhone like iPhones 6S in the country, while continuing to pay their old models there, as the company continues to sell the iPhone SE by about $ 375, which is still a price to high for many of the users of the local market, it seems that this strategy did not achieve much effect, barely the company managed to break the barrier to the sale of 3 million devices through last year.

Sales of the 2018 decline further, where it sold Apple’s 3.2 million iPhones in 2017 in India, with a market share of only about 2 percent, according to market research firm Counterpoint Research, in comparison with enable it to sell less than a million devices only in the first half of 2018, which makes it far from the classification of the five largest manufacturers of smartphones in India.

And Asian companies manufacturer of smart phones this market, the top of the Samsung with a market share of 26 percent, ahead of Chinese competitors like the Shawty up, Viva and Huawei, and these companies lineup of devices much larger than the Apple, starting from the flagship phones expensive access to phones inexpensive price for those who connect to the internet for the first time.

The population of India more than a million inhabitants, and an important market for Apple, so the company should overcome, and Tim Cook has made his first visit to the country in May 2016, andI think after two years the share of the company’s very low in the market, noted Tim Cook earlier this year figures show a revenue growth of 20 percent in India in the first quarter of the month of March, which exceeds the growth of the company’s total by 16 percent.

It seems that Apple is stuck in a difficult place as noted by the newspaper “the economic times” the Economic Times, they are not able to continue to expand its customer base in India without price cuts, but price cuts would undermine “the value of its ambitious” long-term, and wait for Apple to have a market interested in paying a lot of money for the appearance of the mobile phone, with its focus on the growth of the Indian middle-class to create new sales opportunities.

Tim Cook said earlier to investors: “we have enormous opportunities, and our share is very low in this market in general, therefore we put a lot of effort in India and we are working with mobile services for this, and they are investing heavily in LTE networks, the development of infrastructure significantly since we started putting in a lot of efforts there.”

Owns Apple TV similar problems in other places in Asia such as China, which is now the second largest market for Apple, where he managed the company during the month of October 2017 in breaking the sales decline has continued for 18 months in China, depending on the popularity of the iPhone X.

Said Neil Shah Neil Shah, research director in the company Counterpoint: “sales of iPhone in India is weak in the first half of 2018, and even if they show a big jump in the second half of the force traditionally, the Apple TV will continue to be lower than last year,” he added :”I didn’t focus heavily on investing in India because its market is very small there, which may lead to a shift more users to Android phones, makes it difficult for Apple to build the user base is loyal to him”.

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