Apple failed to bring a buyer to the service of its news Apple News+

Back service Apple TV news Apple News+ for the first time in the month of March of the current year, and soon the company announced then that the service attracted more than 200,000 subscribers at that time. However, according to a new report from CNBC that the company from that time to today, struggling to bring the participants to serve.

Cites the report of persons knowledgeable on the matter, and indicates that the number of subscribers Apple News+ has not increased significantly in the recent period, it is not yet clear whether the number of participants initial number of 200 thousand subscribers, you may successfully convert from the free trial version to customers paying monthly.

Expanded service Apple TV news Apple News+ became available in the UK and Australia, but it is not clear the impact of this expansion on the numbers of participants, at which time the plan of Apple to standardize subscription services paid including the service of its news service, its music and its new movies and series within a single package.

For every new subscriber to the news service, you get Apple on the 50% of revenue, while the other 50%. go to the publishers, who said that revenue growth is less than expected.

Source: CNBC

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